Eden Pet Foods Made In Britain


Below is a list of shows we will be attending throughout 2018.

Come and visit us to take advantage of great show offers or to try our range of recipes.

Midland Counties Champ Show

25th-28th October 2018

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National Pet Show

3rd November-4th November 2018

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Ladies Kennel Association Champ Show

15th-16th December 2018

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Boston Champ Show

3rd-6th January 2019

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Manchester Champ Show

17th-20th January 2019

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Newark & District Open Show

23rd February 2019

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7th-10th March 2019

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Kingdom of Fife Agility Show

6th-7th April 2019

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Kennel Club Champ & Agility Show

17th-19th August 2018

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City of Birmingham Champ Show

31st August-2nd September 2018

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Richmond Champ Show

7th-9th September 2018

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