Limited Edition Cat Trial Pack

Limited Edition Cat Trial Pack

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Thinking of switching to Eden, but not sure which tasty flavour would be best for you Cat or Kitten? 

Well no need to guess anymore, we’ve put together this delicious pack containing a mixture of both kibble and wet cat foods, both of which boast a hight meat content. This selection of flavours are perfect for even the fussiest of cats. 

Suitable for Kittens, Adult and Senior Cats

  • High meat content 
  • Formulated with 0% Grain, gluten or white potato 
  • Made with quality meats 
  • Added Taurine, essential for supporting cat health
  • Health supporting Herbs, vitamins and minerals 
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic
  • Low costs per feed 
  • Award winning recipes

Please note stock is limited.



Our foods are tailored to mirror the Ancestorial diet of your cat’s ancestors, the Wild Cat. 

Cats are obligated carnivores and need meat to survive as part of their diet, that’s why our foods boast a high level of meat/fish content in both kibble and wet form. We also ensure to add fruits, vegetables, herbs, minerals and vitamins to the food to supply your cat with a purr-fectly balanced dish.

Try our award winning range today.

Inside this pack you have

X1 400g Original Cuisine

X1 400g Country Cuisine

X1 200g Original tinned cat food

X1 200g Country tinned cat food

X1 200g Turkey & Herring tinned cat food


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