Eden Pet Foods Made In Britain


Eden Holistic Pet Foods are proud to be a family owned company, established in the British rural countryside of Staffordshire, by husband and wife team Paul and Carol Conquest.

The origins of Eden began after a conversation with a local vet who was an advocate for The Ancestral Diet. Its principle was simple, feed your pet what they would have historically eaten in the wild.

Although selective breeding has meant that our pets no longer look like their wolf and wild cat ancestors, their digestive system remains virtually the same.

Paul and Carol set out on a mission to produce a top quality food for their own dogs (and cats) that aligned to this philosophy and from that moment, Eden was born.

Passionate about quality from the very beginning, Paul and Carol’s focus has always been about the contents of their food.Eden is made in Great Britain with British ingredients including; quality, freshly prepared animal ingredients; a range of fruit, vegetables and botanicals; finally to this we add the very best quality minerals and vitamins.

Eden is formulated without any cereal grains or rice, as these are not a natural part of your pet’s ancestral diet.

The food is then gently steam cooked to preserve the integrity and delicate balance so, the final product is as close to The Ancestral Diet as it can be.

We are continually working to improve and develop the range of products we offer and we are proud that Eden Holistic Pet Foods has gone from strength to strength.

Eden Holistic Pet Foods, supporting animal health through nutrition.

Paul, Carol and the Eden Team

Eden has a very simple philosophy that is perfectly summed up in our tagline, “Supporting Animal Health Through Nutrition ™.”

The core beliefs that form our philosophy can be found in more detail on our nutrition page, but in a nutshell we will always promise to:

  • Produce only the very best foods possible that are 100% Natural
  • Never use grains and cereals, animal derivatives, fillers, sweeteners or flavourings in our food
  • Openly list all ingredients – including the amounts of the main ingredients that our food contains
  • Use the highest level and quality of ingredients where possible from within the UK
  • Use the ingredients listed, nothing more, and nothing hidden
  • Use accurate descriptions and never use misleading information to hide the truth about the contents
  • Never create misleading packaging with pictures of ingredients that don’t represent anything that is inside the package or use jargon to hide the truth about our food