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Heidi from Facebook

Sorry for the poop post but I just had to share Logan was 2 on Thursday for his whole life he has had a very sensitive an allergic tummy it has been such a battle he gets an upset tummy constantly and Logan having a solid poop is almost impossible we tried probably every dry food on the market and I have waisted hundreds of pounds having to throw or give away almost full bags of food ...until last year I had to put him onto full raw which worked for a few months but again his sensitive tummy still couldn’t handle it and we would only get a solid poop maybe every third day and he always looked a bit to ribby ...
Now to the great part I bought a 2kg bag of country cuisine to try both my boys on an for the first time in his life Logan’s poops are so beautiful every single poop is the perfect colour and consistency his tummy hasn’t grumbled at all he seems so much happier and I’m so thrilled although everybody thinks I’m mad as I’m telling anyone who will listen how amazing his poop is .... never in my life did I think the hi light of my day would be going into the garden to admire dog poop lol...

You cannot know how amazing this is an I’m happy to say we are on our way to get a 12kg bag this afternoon ...my other boy Benson loves it also 2 clean bowls every meal

Thankyou from a happy mommy and 2 very happy boys

Diva the Dobermann

Sarah from Facebook

My Dobermann (Diva) looking pretty good with the help of Eden joint support. Hard to believe she had major back surgery 9 months ago and could hardly walk, now look at her go.

Naomi Frenchie

Naomi from Facebook

After a few days on catch of the day my itchy, allergic to everything, foot licking Frenchie isn't itchy anymore and he hasn't licked his feet which are now white instead of pink ! He is allergic to chicken, any grain fed animals and whole fish made him sick so even raw feeding didn't work for him... Can't believe the difference really happy we made the change to Eden for him.

Lucys Story

Lucy’s Story

We first heard from Judith Knott and her Shih Tzu, Lucy, back in 2013. Lucy was a fussy eater; Judith had to get on the floor to hand feed her and, due to some health issues found this difficult and therefore  was finding Lucy’s poor eating habits quite stressful.Judith had various discussions with us via our Facebook support group and with a lot of perseverance she was able to gradually improve Lucy’s eating habits and she now eats two meals of Eden each day with only a couple of natural meat based treats during the day, Judith is delighted that she no longer has to hand feed or get on the floor.

In Judith’s own words “Lucy had been on Eden since October 2013 but it was when you brought out Country Cuisine that was the turning point in Lucy's eating. She just loves it and is now such a good eater. I wouldn't feed her anything else now

Lucy was also suffering from very bad “tear staining” all over her face, as can be seen in the first photographs.  Judith told us “Lucy has epiphora , excessive tearing, caused by soft downy lashes on her eyes. After seeing an ophthalmic veterinary surgeon it was decided not to operate as it would change the shape of her eye and could not guarantee its success. I was told to only use antibacterial dog eye wipes which I use twice daily they are Petface wipes as most wipes are not antibacterial 

I use Eden food, a Stay Dry water dish with filtered water and keeping her face dry using a soft dry cloth. I bath her weekly using Natural Life UK and after 6 months of this whole combination you can see the wonderful transformation (Final Photo Jan 2015). I thought my baby would always have brown tear staining and it has shocked me the improvement. What I would say is you have to keep it up. I never miss a day of drying and wiping her eyes, her only food is Eden and her treats I buy are always 100% meat with no grain/no additives/no colourants. I'm very strict with her food and she has no titbits except the odd bit of apple every now and then. She is the perfect weight for her size at 6.5kg and an incredibly happy little doggy I recommend Eden, Natural Life UK, the Petface wipes & Stay Dry water dish all the time as they have worked. I think sometimes people expect results in days or weeks but you have to give it months and once you've got the results keep it up but it really is worth it

A strong immune system due to Eden Holistic Pet Food, along with the Petface wipes has helped control the bacteria that cause the tear staining, and keeping Lucy’s fur dry with the Stay Dry bowl has also kept the bacteria from the hairs around her mouth. Along with the health benefits of Eden to Lucy’s coat, the Natural Life whiter than white range has got the coat in excellent condition.Well done Judith on finding a more natural, healthy way to keep Lucy is fantastic condition I’m sure you’ll agreeJudith has also started a blog and has started off with a page on the feeding part of this story if you would like to read in more detail the page can be found at http://www.lucyzinnia.blogspot.co.uk/p/feeding.html


Alex from Eden facebook

One Year on Eden Club". Ruby, our yellow labrador, is 14 months old and has been tucking in to Eden for exactly one year today. She is in wonderful condition and has the softest coat. Thanks Eden. How many other dogs out there can join the "One Year on Eden Club"?


Melissa from facebook

My babies love their Eden! My springer used to be very fussy with food and had to be encouraged to eat..........now he gobbles every last bite up and even dances with excitement when he sees me getting his bowl ready. I also love that their coats are much shinier.


Debbie from Eden facebook

Alfie first savoured the delights of Eden in Oct 2012 & it was lurrrrve at first munch! 2 Best In Shows, numerous Group wins over the past 12 months. We're proud to promote Eden to everyone!


Sarah from Email

Here is a photo of my gorgeous girl ‘Storm’, She is 1yrs old now & has been on Eden for over 6 months & is still loving it! She is very healthy & everyone always comments on how glossy her coat is.Thank you for such a great product :)


Chris from Facebook

Our 3 Leos all on Eden now with no issues.....L to R Fred.. who we got as a pup and our 2 rescues Todd and Blaze ....out with our daughter (she's the human in the background!).


Marc from Facebook

After 7 months of eating Eden, Buster the Boxer Staffy cross' alopecia has cleared up and no longer has dry skin on his head.


Chris from Facebook

Hi guys, this is our 5 month old little girl chi Lola who has now been fed on Eden since we bought her at 12 weeks old. We put peas, carrots & sweet potato in with her Eden not altogether though her coat is so soft & coming in lovely now. I'm so pleased I came across your site & Eden thank you for all your help.

Alisha from FacebookAlisha from Facebook

Alisha from Facebook

Our Ruby Cavalier has been on Eden since he came to us at 8 weeks. Here he is at 2 months and 10 and a half months. x

Jilly from Facebook

Jilly from Facebook

This is Twig the Wonderkid, my baby girl at 7 months old, she has now been an Eden girl for about 2months, I had no problems at all with changing over from the food she was on, she is so healthy and her coat is incredibly soft and shiny.

Karen from FacebookKaren from Facebook

Karen from Facebook

Well my beautiful girls have been on Eden now since September and their coats have never looked better my saint is also better from all the scratching too. Just wanted to share that with you and thank you for all the advice.