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What Is Canicross

First introduced from Europe to the UK in 2000, Canicross has quickly gained popularity in Britain as a great and fun way for people to compete and exercise with their dogs.

The name comes from the shortening of canine cross-country and involves both humans and dogs being attached together as they run cross-country.

To ensure the comfort and safety of all involved the runners wear specialized equipment. For the dogs, a harness which has been designed to be comfortable to the dog and not to restrict breathing or movement. The humans wear belts around the waist which are designed to keep them secured to the dog without interfering with the dogs running and the reduce the risk of them being pulled over by enthusiastic dogs. These two pieces of equipment are joined by a bungee cord or by elasticated rope, the purpose of which is to minimize the shock created when they are running together.

Most dogs can run canicross with their owners, so long as they are fit and healthy. Dogs can begin to start canicross training at 12 months, however ages may vary depending on each breed and individual dog. If your dog suffers from any medical conditions, then it is always advised to seek a vet’s advice before starting canicross.

The popularity of the sport comes from the ease of getting into it and its accessibility to all groups and ages. Not only it is a fantastic way for both pet and owners to get into shape, but it is fantastic for runners to have that quality bonding time with their dogs.